Medical Marihuana Commission


  • 2:00 P.M.
  • The 3rd Friday of most every month                                                      
  • 2019 Schedule                                                                                                2020 Schedule
  • 2500 S Washington Avenue - Ground Floor - Rear Entrance                      City Clerk's Training Room
  • Minutes and Agendas


  • Vacant (1st Ward Appointee) 
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Jason Peek, Chair (2nd Ward Appointee) 
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Anita Turner, Vice-Chair (3rd Ward Appointee) 
    Term Expires: 2021
  • Bettie Trice (4th Ward Appointee) 
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Bryanna McGarry (At Large Appointee) 
    Term Expires: 2022

  • Staff Contacts
  • Jennifer Smith-Zande, 517-483-4151, Licensing & Elections Clerk
  • Deb Biehler, 517-483-4132, City Clerk's Office

Commission Overview

The Commission shall review and decide all appeals that are forwarded to it by the City Clerk under this chapter. The Commission’s review of an appeal shall not be de novo. The Commission shall only overturn, or modify, a decision or finding of the Clerk if it finds such decision or finding to be arbitrary or capricious and not supported by material, substantial, and competent facts on the whole record considered by the Clerk in arriving at such decision or finding.

Rules of Procedures

Medical Marihuana Commission Appeal Hearing Format

Old Marihuana Ordinance (Sept. 7, 2017- Sept. 30, 2019)

This Ordinance is only effective for facilities applications received prior to Oct. 30, 2019 who have not renewed their license under the current ordinance.