Bacon Jam Burgers

Bacon Jam Burger

Bacon Jam:

1lb thick cut bacon

2 cups of sweet onion

½ cup of brown sugar

1 pinch of cayenne pepper

½ cup of water

1 pinch of black pepper


1lb of ground chuck

1 egg

Season salt and pepper


Sharp cheddar cheese

Hawaiian buns


1. Slice onion and bacon and place in skillet

2. Add black pepper, cayenne pepper, brown sugar and water to the onion and bacon mixture

3. Blend most of the saute mixture

4. Add back to the bacon onion mixture reserve

5. Mold the ground chuck into patties and place on skillet or grill

6. Lightly coat patties with salt and pepper

7. Add baked cheddar cheese to the patties (optional)

8. Place on Hawaiian bun with lettuce and other desired toppings

9. Top with Bacon Jam and top bun