AARP surveys consistently find that older adults want to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible. Doing so is possible if a house is designed or modified for aging in place and if a community includes housing options for varying life stages (and varying bank accounts). Lansing is working to identify current housing options and opportunities to enable people to stay in their homes or in their community as they age.


  • AARP HomeFit Guide - An educational resource and personalized tool kit, the AARP HomeFit Guide provides lessons, suggestions and practical solutions for how to make a home comfortable, safe and a great fit for residents of all ages.
  • Livable Communities: An Evaluation Guide - Although this PDF-based, 162-page guide was produced in 2005, it contains still-useful survey techniques and data about how to determine the livability of a community and understand the needs of residents who want to remain independent in their homes and communities as they age. 
  • Livability Fact Sheet: Revitalizing Without Displacement - As communities are redeveloped to become more livable, the efforts risk displacing an area’s current, often longtime residents and businesses. Redevelopment efforts can benefit all residents, regardless of income or age. 
  • For more AARP resources on Housing, visit their website.
City of Lansing
  • Lansing Neighborhood: Resource HandbookA guide for events and information on creating and implementing a neighborhood group.
  • Design Lansing Comprehensive Plan - Design Lansing addresses a broad range of topics that influence quality of life with a focus on land use, development and infrastructure issues on which the City of Lansing can have a direct impact. 
  • Shaping the Avenue - An initiative to engage communities along the Michigan/Grand River Avenues (the Avenue) corridor from the Capitol to Meridian Township in a conversation about how they want buildings and streets to look in the future.
  • Draft Form-Based Code - July 2017 draft of proposed zoning ordinance.
  • Planning and Zoning Codes - Current Lansing Zoning Ordinance and related information.
Greater Lansing Housing Coalition
  • 2012 MSHDA Senior Housing Market StudyThis study explores the future multifamily housing needs and preferences of Michigan seniors in Michigan. The purpose of the study is not to try to predict specific numbers of housing units that will be needed in specific markets, but to gain a general understanding of the conditions, expectations and realities that will impact decisions on specific multifamily housing decisions.