1. Chief Judge's Message
  2. A Message from Chief Judge Louise Alderson
    Welcome to the Lansing District Court website.  As Chief Judge, one of my goals is making the Court more accessible to the public.  With that goal in mind, we have redesigned our website and added new search features to allow quick access to information and on-line services.  We envision these changes to enhance access to justice in our Courts and improve communication between the courts and the public.  Please let us know if you have thoughts or suggestions on improving our website by using the “Contact Us” icon above.

Mission Statement

​Our mission is to provide equal trial court services to all persons, employing available resources and working in partnership with the community to afford efficient and courteous assistance.
                       HONORING JUDGE PATRICK CHERRY:

After serving 42 years on the bench of the 54-A District Court, the Honorable Patrick F. Cherry retired from his position on July 13, 2017.  We thank Judge Cherry for his lifetime of public service, and wish him a happy and rewarding retirement.