Street Maintenance

The City of Lansing is responsible for plowing and salting roughly 400 miles of city streets after snow and ice events. Whether salting or plowing, the City's crews work hard to ensure safe road conditions. 

Salting of Streets

City crews will salt 139 miles of designated City streets (state trunklines, more commonly known as highways, and major streets) and will continue until snow accumulates up to two inches deep.  For the sake of all individuals and vehicles on the roads, please do not tailgate salt trucks.  Remember, they are tossing rock salt and are often driving slower than the rest of traffic.


When snow depth exceeds two inches on state trunklines and major streets, City crews will switch over from salting to plowing 139 miles of designated City streets.  When snow depth on local streets exceeds 4 inches, crews will start plowing the local streets as soon as the state trunklines and major streets are completed.  Please do not "crowd the plow." Our trucks are driving slower and need plenty of room to push the snow to the curb.  Furthermore, when passing a plow, please use caution.

View the status of snow plowing in the City of Lansing here.

Parked Cars

Parked cars delay our snow plowing efforts.  During snow removal operations, please do not park on the street (day or night) if possible.  Following this request not only helps us plow our streets more efficiently, but helps you get out on the road and to where you need to go quicker.