Street Conditions

Most pavement will deteriorate through various phases. The rate that pavement deteriorates at is largely dependent on factors such as the environment, traffic conditions, quality of the original construction and interim maintenance procedures. 

The City of Lansing assess their street conditions by using a PASER rating scale that ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating that the pavement is in failed condition and 10 indicating that the pavement is in excellent condition. The guidelines for rating the pavement surface have been developed by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council.

The City of Lansing recognizes the benefits of performing regular pavement grading. First and foremost, it keeps the City informed of existing street conditions. Secondly, it enables the City to determine where the best and most pressing places in the streets that need to be addressed and fixed are located. 

Road Condition Rating Map

The interactive map below shows street condition ratings in detail. It also provides estimated costs for potential street repairs.

Use the map by typing in an address or place in the search bar. Select a street by clicking on it to see detailed information.

PASER Rating System

Shown in the table to the right is the complete street rating of all of Lansing's streets. This graph displays the most current data collection from the end of 2019, showing more than 71 percent of the the street network with a poor or worse grade. 
PASER 2020 Results Graph

Network Conditions

The below graphs show the major and minor network conditions that were developed in the Asset Management Plan. The trends reflect previous condition levels as well as projected condition levels. Minor streets are the residential/neighborhood streets, which compose approximately 73% of the 413 miles of road in the City. The other 27% is made up of major roads, which carry a higher amount of traffic volume and collect traffic from neighborhood streets and conveying traffic across the City.
Major Network Condition
Minor Network Condition