Alternative Forms of Transportation

Bicycle Routes 

We encourage citizens to utilize the many sidewalks and pathways around the City for transportation and recreation. These pathways and sidewalks can be used for walking, running, biking, and more. Here you can find a map of the Lansing River Trail. There are bike lanes in many areas around Lansing. For your safety, bikers in these lanes should follow the laws of traffic.

Bus Routes

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is the public transit authority that operates mass transit puss service and paratransit within the metro Lansing area, including service on the campus of Michigan State University. Visit their website for more information on schedules and routes. 

Walking Routes

Apart from the sidewalk system that runs throughout the city of Lansing, there is also the Lansing River Trail, a combined 20 miles of paved trail pass through numerous parks and natural areas, as well as Downtown Lansing. While you can trail stretches from Waverly Road to Old Town, you can also catch it from Potter Park into MSU. Visit their website to learn more about what's available.