Plumbing Board of Appeals


  • 7 p.m.
  • Meets on the second Thursday of each month
  • 316 N Capitol Avenue, Suite C-3
    Lansing, MI 48933
    Building Safety Office Conference Room

August 11, 2016 meeting cancelation


The Board of Plumbing shall consider all proposed amendments to the Uniform Plumbing Code, as adopted and amended in this chapter (Chapter1422), promulgated to safeguard the standards for the installation and alteration of plumbing within the City, and shall make recommendations regarding the same to the Mayor and Council. The Board shall make, advise, review and/or recommend all necessary rules, regulations and interpretations and applications of the Uniform Plumbing Code. In addition, the Board shall possess all powers granted to it by it as an advisory board by the City Charter and shall advise the Chief Plumbing Inspector to implement and enforce the same. The Board shall enforce the same. The Board shall advise the Plumbing Inspectors only in areas of its technical expertise, leaving administrative direction to the Director of Building Safety. Appeals from decisions, rules, regulations, interpretations and applications shall be submitted to the Board of Appeals (1422.01).

The Plumbing Board of Appeals also administers the Drain Layers License Examination for the Public Service Department.


The Mayor shall appoint 6 people to serve a term for 4 years. Two shall be actively employed master plumbers with 10 years of experience, 2 of whom shall be active journeymen licensed plumbers with 10 years of experience, and two of whom shall be residents of the City who are not engaged in the plumbing or building business. The City Engineer and the Chief Plumbing Inspector shall be ex-officio members and shall be authorized to attend all meetings in a non-voting capacity. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Chief Plumbing Inspector, the Board may submit the name of a qualified person to the Personnel and Training Department for consideration. The City shall then appoint a person to the office of Chief Plumbing inspector, but any person who meets the minimum qualifications may be appointed, whether or not he or she is on the list submitted by the Board. The Chief Plumbing Inspector shall have six years of experience in the plumbing field as a master or journeyman plumber licensed by the state. The Chief Plumbing Inspector must be registered with the Michigan Department of Labor as a plumbing inspector and plan reviewer.