Electrical Board of Appeals


  • 7 p.m.
  • Meets on the third Tuesday of each month
  • 316 N Capitol Avenue, Suite C-3
    Lansing, MI 48933
    Building Safety Office Conference Room 

August 16, 2016 meeting cancelation


Advise the Building Safety Director regarding interpretations of the National Electrical Code, to review, prepare, and/or recommend to the Mayor and council rules, and in the event of a vacancy in the position of Chief Electrical Examiner, the Board may submit names of qualified individuals to the Personnel and Training Department (1425.05a).


The Board shall be composed office members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council. One member of the Board shall be an electrical contractor, 1 shall be an electrical journeyman and 1 shall be
a representative of an electrical utility. Each of such members shall have had a minimum of 5 years of electrical experience in the group he or she represents. One member shall be a representative of a manufacturing industry employing electrical journeyman and the 5th member shall be a resident of the City (1424.04). Term of service is 4 years.