Demolition Board


  • Meets as needed


The Demolition Board shall issue notice of a building or structure that is found to be dangerous or non-compliant with city and state statutes. Structures include both commercial and residential buildings. The Board has access to various equitable and legal remedies to keep buildings and structures safe for city residents. The Demolition Board is regulated under the State Housing Law - MCLS 125.538 through 125.542 (excluding 125.541c).


The hearing officer shall be appointed at the mayor's pleasure. The hearing officer shall be a person who has expertise in housing matters including, but not limited to: an engineer, architect, building contractor, building
inspector, or member of a community housing organization. An employee of the enforcing agency shall not be appointed as hearing officer. The Board itself consists of 3 members with no quorum required, with members
serving indefinite terms and are not geographically based.