The Look is Old, The Feeling is New

The following is the text of an article in the Among Friends newsletter of June 1995. The article has a photo of the porte cochere undergoing restoration.

The Look is Old, The Feeling is New

Restore, repair, refurbish, rebuild. These words are often heard in the House and surrounding park. The greening of spring 1995 has been accompanied by the ring of hammers on nails and the buzz of saws through wood. The Christman Co., Lansing general contractors, push to a late June end of Phase One renovations. The roof, porches, windows, down spouts, and irrigation system have been objects of daily changes. Most conspicuous is the river side entrance and handicapper access.

The Friends will join Lansing Parks and Recreation Department in late summer, to celebrate the progress, and recommit to Phase Two.

Phase Two will include the remainder of the interior renovation - new heating and cooling systems, electrical and fire protection system upgrades, furnishing spaces with period furniture, and finishing all surfaces in appropriate historical fabrics and colors.

Phase Three will include the construction of a replica carriage house and the completion of the landscaping, parking and grounds work.

Once completed, Turner-Dodge will serve many more functions for the community, its organizations and citizens. It will house meetings, social functions, educational programs, conferences, and community events. It will attract tourists to the downtown area. It will anchor the north end of the river walk and river front development program. It will provide a very rare historical resource for a wide range of people throughout the state and beyond.

Donations of funds and in-kind contributions of services, materials and labor for Phases Two and Three are needed now. If you can help, call the Friends 517/483-4220 or 483-7660.