Sold to Bible College, then to the City of Lansing

The following is the text of a news story in The State Journal of Friday, July 25, 1958.

Purchase of the historic Dodge estate, 106 E North St., for an undisclosed sum, was announced Friday by the Great Lakes Bible College of Vestaburg.

Charles L. Mathews, president of the theological school which is connected with the Church of Christ (Christian church), said [the] white pillared, three story brick mansion, long a landmark in north Lansing, would be occupied in time for fall classes.

He said the Bible college would sell its rural 80-acre campus in Gratiot county, west of Alma, and move all operations to Lansing. The Bible college had been at Vestaburg for nine years.

Fall enrollment in the four-year theology curriculum is expected to include 75 students. The school has a faculty of ten.

Mr. Mathews said the college program will be expanded with the move to Lansing and that additional evening courses would be offered in the future.

Extensive remodeling and renovating of the Dodge home will begin in September, he said, and be continued during fall semester. Classes are scheduled to begin on September 23. Students have been attending the Great Lakes Bible college from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

The property was purchased through the Erwin L. Hahn realty company and handled by Charles C. Walton. In June the Lansing real estate firm had announced the college had made an offer to purchase the property from the Dodge heirs.

Constructed about 1849 by James Turner, prominent Lansing pioneer, the Dodge estate was selected by college trustees over two dozen sites in 10 different cities. The mansion has 14 rooms and the property includes two other homes, one an apartment house of 18 rooms and another seven room residence. All are located on approximately five acres of land. The estate was purchased from heirs of Frank L. Dodge, son-in-law of James M. Turner, son of the original builder.

The following is the text of an article in The State Journal of Sunday, February 24, 1974. Upon request, the Secretary can provide a copy of the article with its accompanying photos of the House exterior and interior, including a photo of Mrs. M. Dodge Horn with Grandfather Turner's portrait.