Society Woman Dies Suddenly

Sophie Dodge The State Journal of Wednesday, August 31, 1927. Society Woman Dies Suddenly, Mrs. C. C. Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Dodge

The following is from an article in The State Journal of Wednesday, August 31, 1927. Upon request, the Secretary can provide a copy of the article with its accompanying photo of Sophie Dodge Armstrong.

Society Woman Dies Suddenly

Mrs. C. C. Armstrong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Dodge, died very suddenly at St. Lawrence hospital Wednesday morning while Dr. A. E Owen was preparing to remove her tonsils. Mrs. Armstrong had a thorough examination in preparation for the tonsillectomy and so sudden and unexpected was her death it was decided that there was some hope of reviving her. Several physicians worked for two hours in vain.

As Sophie Dodge, Mrs. Armstrong was a well known and popular young woman in society here, whose friends were numbered by hundreds. Her wedding which took place at the family home on North street about 12 years ago, was as brilliant an event of that nature as Lansing has ever seen.

Her husband, Corwin Armstrong, who with a daughter ten years of age and another child, born last year, survive her, is a well known newspaper man in Baltimore, holding a prominent place in the Hearst organization. He was a Michigan State college graduate and for some time following his graduation taught at the college and later entered the office of J. H. Moores.

He was appointed to the second officer's reserve camp and served in the army during the war.

The news of Mrs. Armstrong's death was a great shock to her parents, both of whom were in the city and her sister, Marian, and brothers, Wyllis and Franklin Dodge.

Local Woman's Sudden Death Shocks Friends


Mrs. C. C. Armstrong, whose sudden death at the St. Lawrence hospital following what was supposed to be a minor operation, came as a shock to her many Lansing friends.  Mrs. Armstrong was well-known in local social circles and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Dodge.