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Water Treatment

In order to meet the government regulations for specified levels of metals, nutrients, and chemicals, wastewater goes through the following treatment process:
  1. Pumping the sewage from throughout the service area to the plant.
  2. Screening the sewage for large debris that may harm the process equipment.
  3. Adding Ferric Chloride to remove Phosphorous.
  4. Removing grit and other non-biological matter from the wastewater by gravity.
  5. The removal of solids and scum in the primary sedimentation tanks.
  6. Natural biological treatment to remove nutrients and other biological matter in the mixed liquor aeration process.
  7. Clarification of the mixed liquor in the final settling tanks.
  8. Tertiary filtration to further remove remaining solids.
  9. Ultraviolet disinfection to destroy bacteria.
  10. Discharge of treated water to the Grand River. 

The solid wastes removed from the wastewater are collected, dewatered in centrifuges and either lime stabilized for beneficial land application or further dewatered in belt filter presses and transported to landfill.  

The process control systems are a mixture of programmable logic Controllers and analog controllers located in control panels throughout the facility. Data is acquired and processes monitored on a Bailey Net 90 computer system. 

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