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Mayor Virg Bernero
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VIP Prox Card

Click here for Vip Card Application

What does it cost?

The VIP Card rate is discounted 30% to $0.70 / 30 minutes from the regular rate of $1.00 / 30 minutes; the maximum daily parking fee is $10 per entry.  If you enter and exit throughout the day, your total parking fee may exceed $10.  To take advantage of the discounted hourly rate offered VIP Card users, new customers pay a $10 refundable card deposit plus any amount of funds toward an initial balance.  

How does it work?

The VIP Card works much like a debit card for payment of parking in City of Lansing parking ramps.  When you enter a ramp, simply hold the VIP Card in front of the card reader at the ramp entrance.  The reader will display your current balance and the gate will open.  Follow the same procedure when exiting.  The display will indicate the fee for that visit and this amount will automatically be deducted from your account.  Please be certain to follow this entry/exit procedure EVEN IF THE EXIT GATE IS UP.  If not, you could be charged the daily maximum rate and/or your VIP Card may not work the next time you attempt to use it.  If your card does not have adequate funds to pay the fee that day, exit lanes accept credit card payments and some accept cash.

When should I add funds to my VIP Card?

To take full advantage of your discount, make sure your card doesn’t run low or out of funds.  Additional money can be added to your VIP Card anytime.  There are a number of ways to add money to your card.  If you pay in person at the Parking Services Office (219 North Grand Avenue), the funds will be added to your VIP Card immediately.  If you find it more convenient to pay on-line, mail, phone, fax or drop a payment into our drop box located on the north side of the North Grand Ramp near our office, the funds will be added to your card by noon the following business day.

If you are a frequent, but not daily visitor to downtown, the VIP Card is a way that parking can be affordable, convenient and flexible!

Bob Johnson
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