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This is the home of Michigan pioneers who helped develop the Capitol City and the state. They were progressive leaders, supporters of higher education for women, abolition, liquor control, the silver standard, Saginaw mill strikers (Knights of Labor), and the development of arts and culture.

Overview History of the House and Families

Read more about the home of two Lansing families.

The Turner Family

The family of Marion and James Turner came to Lansing in 1847 when it was called Michigan, Michigan. They helped create the City of Lansing and were involved in the politics, economics, education, and society of the tiny community that became our State Capitol. They are representative of the courageous pioneering spirit and the economic opportunity of early Michigan.

(Pictured is Marion Turner, Lansing Pioneer, 1818-1912)

The Dodge Family

Abigail Turner married Frank L. Dodge in 1888. By 1894, we know they lived with Grandmother Marion and their three oldest, Josephine, Frank and Wyllis, at the Turner home.

In 1899, they purchased the house and renovated it from 1900 to 1903, by then they had five children. Frank Dodge once said, "All that goes to make better, happier and freer men and women is progress; all else is reaction."

(Pictured is Abbey Turner Dodge & Frank L Dodge, Marion, Frank, Jr., Wyllis, Josephine)

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Here at Lansing Parks and Recreation we strive to provide all of the Lansing community with quality recreational opportunities. One way we do this is through our youth scholarship program. In the economic climate of today we are finding more families in need of this financial assistance. Your donation will help us ensure we are able to offer scholarships to Lansing youth who request assistance.


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