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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Fire Stations

Lansing Fire operates out of six stations. From those stations we operate:

  • 6 Engine Companies with 4 in reserve engines
  • 2 Truck Companies with 1 reserve truck
  • 4 Medic Units with 3 in reserve plus a bariatric transport unit
  • 2 ATV Fire/Brush trucks
  • 4 Zodiac water rescue boats
  • 2 Off road All-Terrain Vehicles
  • 1 Hazardous Materials Squad
  • 1 Technical Rescue Truck
  • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 1 Air Trailer
  • 1 Mass Casualty Trailer
  • Fire Administration

The Lansing Fire Department also operates at four other facilities: The Training Tower, The Fire Marshal’s division, the Emergency Management division and the Maintenance & Alarm division. The fire department is supported by the Central Garage and the Ingham County Dispatch Center.

Station Response Area Map

Find a Fire Station nearest you.

Station 41

Erected in 1949. Extensive remodel in 2006.

Located at 120 E. Shiawassee Lansing, MI 48933.

This downtown station is located next to Lansing Community College and Adado Riverfront Park.  Over the years it has developed the nickname "The Big House". This station is located in the middle of the north end and houses Battalion 41, Truck 41, Engine 41, ATV 41, Medic 41, Medic 411, Medic 413 (the bariatric ambulance), ATV 41 and Riverwalk 41, Riverwalk 411 and Boat 41. This station specializes in handling the wide variety of events that occur downtown such as the Common Ground festival and Silver Bells in the City. Station 41 is also home to the Fire administration offices and the Lansing Fire museum.

Station 42

This station was erected in 1962.

Located at 2114 N. Grand River Lansing, MI 48906.

Station 42 covers the northwest side of the city and houses Engine 42. In addition to firefighting, Engine 42 specializes in vehicle extrication. Station 42 also houses a boat with ice and water rescue equipment.

Station 44

This station was erected in 2003.

Located at 1435 E. Miller Rd. Lansing, MI. 49811. 

Station 44 covers the southeast side of the city and houses Engine 44, Truck 44 and Boat 44. Station 44 also specializes in vehicle extrication as well as water and ice rescue.

Station 46

This station was erected in 2001.

Located at 5135 Pleasant Grove Lansing, MI 48910.

Station 46 covers the south west side of the city and houses Engine 46, Medic 46, Squad 46 our hazardous materials response unit and Safety 46. Station 46 specializes in hazardous materials and is part of the Metro Lansing response team and responds to hazardous materials incidents within the region.

Station 48

This station was erected in 1997.

Located at 815 N. Marshall Lansing, MI. 48912.

Station 48 covers the northeast side of Lansing. Station 48 houses Engine 48 and Technical Rescue 48. Station 48 specializes in technical rescue and is part of the Metro Lansing response team and responds all over the region to assist with complicated and specialized rescues such as trench, collapse, confined space and high angle.

Station 49

This station was erected in 1954.

Located at 520 Glendale Lansing MI. 48910.

Station 49 is in the middle of the south end and houses Engine 49, Medic 49 and ATV 49. Station 49 specializes in automobile extrication and heavy rescue. Engine 49 carries a wide variety of tools including a full complement of hydraulic extrication tools. Station 49 also has water and ice rescue abilities.

Randy Talifarro
Fire Chief
120 E. Shiawassee
Lansing, MI 48933

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.