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About Green Schools

The Green Schools Program is designed to involve students, teachers, and staff alike.  Each individual can be involved with making a difference in their communities with programs to save energy, recycle, reduce waste, and conserve water.  Through the reduced consumption of resources and energy, schools will use less money to operate properly. This ultimately allows school districts to invest more in our children.  Increased efficiency of operations and use of resources produces favorable learning and teaching environments.  We can transform teaching tools and schools themselves into learning centers for increased economic, educational and environmental performance. 


Greening your school improves the operation of the building, making them cleaner, healthier, and more productive for both students and faculty members.  It allows the community to become educated and involved with our students as we learn the importance of caring for the environment now and for future generations.  The Go Green initiative wants to provide hands-on assistance, resources, recognition, and events to those schools who become involved in the Green Schools Program. 

List of Schools That Have Gone Green!

How to Get Involved

Greater Lansing Environmental Innovation & Leadership Award

Recognizing the importance of promoting environmental awareness amongst youth, the Go Green!  Initiative has created the Greater Lansing Environmental Innovation and Leadership Award which is aimed at encouraging individuals, schools, summer camps, youth organizations and public interest groups to promote environmental awareness and encourage positive community involvement.

Woodcreek Magnet School is the first recipient of the Greater Lansing Environmental Innovation and Leadership Award because of the students' and faculty's commitment to promoting environmental responsibility. Woodcreek Magnet School has demonstrated its environmental leadership through an innovative and creative composting project.  The school used an unheated worm composting bin for several years as a way to divert uneaten food from the waste stream.  However, when the worms froze in the winter of 2005, the students decided that their current system wasn't working.  "It caused a  trauma because all the students thought of the worms as their pets," said Diane Graham, an engineering and science specialist at the school.  The students quickly teamed up with Urban Options and MSU's College of Engineering and to develop a solar heated worm bin.  There are currently two solar panels on the south side of the school collecting heat from the sun, which is then sent through the pipes into the worm bin to prevent the compost from freezing.

In addition to the solar worm bins, Woodcreek serves as a community drop-off site for recycling, and has a student recycling team responsible for the sorting and bagging of recyclables. The students have also built a bird sanctuary as well as a pond and butterfly garden, which have been certified as wildlife habitats.

Green Energy Technology in the City (GET City)

On July 9th, 2008, the Green Energy Technology in the City (GET City) program presented a study of environmental awareness among Lansing residents to a panel that included members of the Go Green! Advisory Committee and other important policy makers in Lansing. GET City is a program that provides children with educational experiences in advanced information technologies, energy sustainability, and environmental health. It allows them to explore careers and to benefit from role models and mentors.

In their study, students learned not only about Lansing resident's environmental knowledge and habits, but also how to write, administer, and analyze a survey. The students focused on the five points of the Go Green! Personal Pledge and how Lansing residents have implemented these activities to reduce their carbon footprint. Based on the information they collected, they provided conclusions and recommendations for the panel.

GET City was also awarded a certificate of partnership by Taylor Heins, the Go Green! Initiative Director, to recognize their commitment to the Greater Lansing community and the Go Green! Initiative.

Schools That Have Gone Green

Lansing's schools have gone above and beyond by implementing unique and creative programs.  For instance, Wexford Montessori Magnet School established a food and native plant garden; Cumberland performed a tree planting ceremony in honor of Arbor Day; and Post Oak students created anti-pollution posters using pictures taken around their school and neighborhoods.  In addition, Lansing's schools have also worked hard to make recycling a priority: Resurrection Catholic School expanded their recycling program to include ink cartridges and Styrofoam-- students collect the materials and staff members and parents volunteer to deliver them to area drop-off sites.  Forest View Elementary is also leading the way, collecting over 22,000 pounds of recyclables each school year. Way to go!

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