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Mayor Virg Bernero
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A full time Wastewater Division staff of 68 employees perform the duties required to successfully treat the wastewater.

Nineteen operators staff the treatment plant 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working rotating shifts to monitor and make process adjustments and equipment checks. The continuous diligence and quick action of these employees assures that the treatment plant operates in an effective and efficient manner.

The maintenance staff consists of sixteen employees who maintain pumps, chemical feed systems, piping, structures, buildings and grounds at the facility. Without their continuous effort and attention to detail the effectiveness of the plant would be severely compromised.

Seven field operations employees maintain and operate 27 pumping stations, and service 31 regulators located throughout the City. These employees are on call 24 hours a day to respond to any station emergency that may endanger the health of the public and the operation of the stations. Their efforts protect all the citizens of Lansing.

A Technical Maintenance Staff of 6 maintain the Electrical, HVAC, Instrumentation and Computer Systems of the treatment facility and the pumping stations. These employees are on 24 hour call. Their quick response to an equipment failure assures the proper operation of the facilities.

Three Industrial Pretreatment Program personnel monitor the industries within the City. An average of 40 samples are collected monthly for analysis to verify compliance of City Ordinance limits for industrial users. Inspections are performed at all industrial locations. The personnel work closely with industry and the DEQ in the event of hazardous spills or compliance problems. Sampling and data collection for the CSO regulators, precipitation, and monthly river analysis is an important part of this job.

Eight employees staff the division laboratory. Over 160 analyses are performed daily, seven days a week. The laboratory provides the data necessary to verify that the plant is in compliance with its NPDES permit, adjust treatment processes, and set chemical feed rates for the most effective treatment at the lowest cost. The laboratory personnel also analyze industrial samples for compliance with City ordinances and monitor both the Red Cedar and Grand Rivers on a monthly basis.

The Clerical staff compiles and processes all the information gathered in the daily operations of the division. They receive and route calls from the public, service representatives, and equipment manufacturers. Preparing, submitting, and filing the records and reports needed to comply with the requirements of all the appropriate government agencies and maintaining personnel records are important parts of their daily work. Their efforts benefit all division employees.

All the activities of the Wastewater Division require that employees keep up with the ever changing world of wastewater treatment. New regulations and the changing technology utilized in wastewater treatment keep the Wastewater Division a dynamic and challenging place to work.

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