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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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The staff and other parks users appreciate the fact that you used the park/and or facility and left it in a similar or better condition. Please report any problems, defacing of property, damages, etc. A description and time of incident will be helpful. Contact us at 517-482-4277 during regular weekday hours. If there is an immediate problem, contact the caretaker. If there is no caretaker at the park, contact LPD Dispatch 517-483-7600 or if it is an emergency 911.

The City of Lansing is not responsible for accidents, injury or loss of property.

Fires are permitted only in picnic grills or designated areas. If you bring your own grill, do not place the grill on the table.

Motorized vehicles are to be operated and parked in areas intended and designed for such use. DO NOT PARK YOUR VEHICLE ON THE GRASS, OR DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE OFF THE ROADWAY TO “UNLOAD.” (656.03)

Dogs, when permitted, are to be restrained by a leash of adequate strength that is no longer than six (6) feet except in a designated leash free area (example: Soldan Dog Park). Dogs are not permitted in the Frances Park Garden Areas. Dogs are permitted on leash on the Lansing River Trail. (656.02)

Peddling or soliciting is prohibited in park areas except as provided for by special permit. (884.18)

Alcoholic beverages are not to be sold, consumed or possessed in an open container except in specific parks if a specific license is granted. (608.04)

Signs are not to be posted. Frances, Moores, Hunter, and Washington each have only one pavilion. (606.02)

No person shall willfully annoy another person, recklessly endanger the life, health, or well being of another person, or obstruct free or uninterrupted passage on any street, sidewalk or any public place. (658.03; 658.04)

No personal shall enter or remain in an area where access has been restricted or closed. (602.09)

Loud, unnecessary or unusual noise including amplified music that either annoys, disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others is not permitted. (654.13)

Trash, litter, etc. is to be placed in appropriate containers. Your assistance in keeping areas clean will be appreciated by all. (676.01)

No person shall fire or shoot any firearm, air gun, spring gun, bow and arrow, slingshot, crossbow or other dangerous weapon in any street or public place, or fire or shoot such a weapon in any place in a manner that would endanger, or be likely to endanger, any person or property, subject to the following exception(s): A person who is an authorized participant in an approved recreational shooting program under the authority of the Lansing Police Department or Department of Parks and Recreation may use any of the following:

(1) Bows and arrows, and

(2) Crossbows. (696.01)

Trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. are not to be removed, broke, cut nor trimmed without written authorization. (688.01 and 688.06)

City of Lansing Ordinance numbers listed where applicable. Revised 4/16/14

Brett Kaschinske
Parks & Recreation Dept.
200 North Foster Street
2nd Floor
Lansing, MI 48912

Here at Lansing Parks and Recreation we strive to provide all of the Lansing community with quality recreational opportunities. One way we do this is through our youth scholarship program. In the economic climate of today we are finding more families in need of this financial assistance. Your donation will help us ensure we are able to offer scholarships to Lansing youth who request assistance.


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