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City of Lansing

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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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Lansing residents enjoy a wonderful sense of community. Our welcoming neighborhoods are home to people of all walks of life and each area has something different and truly special to offer. No matter what your needs, Lansing has a neighborhood that is a perfect fit for you and your family. Simply put, Lansing neighborhoods are great places to live!

About Lansing Neighborhoods

Lansing is divided into four sections: Eastside, Westside, Northwest side, and the Southside, each containing an array of distinctive neighborhoods. The Eastside, located east of the Grand River and north of the Red Cedar River, is the most ethnically diverse side of Lansing. The Eastside is anchored by Frandor Shopping Center on the very eastern edge.

The Westside, roughly located north, west, and south of the Grand River, is sometimes regarded as the City's most socio-economically diverse section. The Westside includes Lansing's downtown area, though this area is often classified as its own section. The rest of the district encompasses a collection of residential neighborhoods, a commercial area along Saginaw Street, and a small part of the Old Town Commercial Association.

The Northwestside, the smallest section of the City, is found north of the Grand River. This part of the city includes both suburban and rural areas, Lansing's major rail line, warehouses and light industrial building, a major rail line, and the Capital City Airport.

South of the Grand and Cedar Rivers is Lansing's Southside. The Southside offers more lodging options than any part of Lansing and is the largest and most populous section of the City. The area is largely suburban in nature and contains some of the city's most healthy neighborhoods. Numerous commercial strips can be found along Cedar Street, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Waverly Road, where there is a selection ranging from national restaurant and retail chains to local family-owned businesses.  The Southside is also home to over 1,000 acres of green space in its numerous parks including the Potter Park Zoo, Fenner Nature Center, Hawk Island County Park, Soldan's Dog Park, and Frances Park.

*Info from Discover Lansing pamphlet directory is used