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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Local Administrative Orders

**Please be advised that per LAO 2006-02 "Access to Public Records", a specific case number or the party names are required in order to provide you with the information you request.

If you do not have a specific case number or case name, the following options are available:

  1. You may review available case indexes at the 54-A District Court to identify and select specific cases for inspection.  Please note that this review may only provide information on current or recent cases from this court.
  2. A more complete record check, may be requested by writing the appropriate state agency.  Both the Michigan State Police and Department of State maintain computer information expressly for this purpose.
To obtain a Criminal Record Check contact the:

Michigan State Police
Central Records Bureau
7150 Harris Drive
Lansing, Michigan 48913
Telephone: (517) 322-5531

To obtain a Driving (Traffic) Record contact the:

Michigan Department of State
Commercial Look-up Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, Michigan 48918
Telephone: (517) 322-1624

Once you receive complete record checks, you will be able to contact the appropriate police agency or court listed on the records to obtain case specific information.

The 54-A District Court regrets that it cannot accommodate your request at this time.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the court at (517) 483-4445 or 483-4435.

54A-District Court
6th Floor City Hall
124 W Michigan Ave
Lansing ,MI 48933
(517) 483-4433

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.