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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Live Green

The City of Lansing is committed to becoming a national leader in energy conservation and the sustainable use of resources.

Live Green Lansing 

Building on the foundation laid by the Go Green! Initiative, Live Green Lansing is a one-stop resource for the community to learn, engage and take action in promoting sustainability in metro Lansing.

The Go Green! Initiative was launched in 2006 to highlight the city’s growing environmental ethic and to help raise awareness of environmental issues in the community. Through the efforts of more than 15,000 businesses, schools and residents who took the Go Green! pledge, the city made tremendous progress in protecting water quality, reducing energy consumption and leading the way in recycling efforts. Collectively, these efforts save the Greater Lansing area more than 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Now is the time to take even greater strides in helping Lansing businesses, residents and students improve our environment by adopting green practices. Live Green Lansing’s efforts are focused on three main areas: waste reduction, water quality and air quality. Live Green Lansing supports and promotes programming and events that align with these focus areas. Lansing is a wonderful place to work, play and call home. We hope you’ll join us in making Lansing the greenest capital city in the nation!

Capital Area Recycling and Trash (CART)

CART offers curbside, single stream recycling - meaning no sorting needs to be done by the recycler! This service is available to single family households in the City of Lansing. Commercial recycling is also available to businesses in the Lansing. 

Together we can make a difference!

For every 1000 tons of recyclables that the City collects:

  • 14,903 trees are saved 
  • 6,404,606 gallons of water are saved
  • 408,412 gallons of gasoline are saved 
  • 2,856 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are saved