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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero

Individual Tax Forms

***When printing out your tax forms, please make sure that you are printing "ACTUAL SIZE"; this will ensure there is no delay in processing***

  Top 10 Mistakes

From the City of Lansing Auditors, the top 10 mistakes made completing the Lansing tax return

  2015 L-1040 Instructions

2015 Instructions for completing City of Lansing Income Tax Return.  

  2015 L-1040 Fillable  

2015 L-1040 Fillable Form

This download requires Adobe Reader®

  2015 L-1040 Page

  2015 Payment Voucher

  • L-1040 Page 1 & Page 2

  • L-1040 Payment Voucher
  2015 L-1040 Wage Allocation/Excludible Wages L-1040 Wage Allocation and Excludible Wages Worksheet

  2015 Part Yr Calculation

Schedule TC 

  L-2210 Instructions Instructions for using form 2210


Calculation of Penalty and Interest

  Misc  Schedules

Miscellaneous Schedules

  2016 L-1040 ES

2016 Estimated Payment Instructions & Worksheet

  2016 Estimated Coupons 1st - 4th Qtr

  2015 Est 4th Qtr

Payment Coupons for Individual Quarterly Estimated Tax

  Extension To File

Application to request an extension for filing of tax return; not specific to a tax year.

  L-1040X Amend Instructions

Instructions for L1040X Individual Amend Return

  L-1040X Amend

L-1040X Individual Amendment Return

  L-1040X Amend Payment Voucher L-1040X Amend Payment Voucher
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