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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero

Individual Tax Forms

***When printing out your tax forms, please make sure that you are printing "ACTUAL SIZE"; this will ensure there is no delay in processing***

  Top 10 Mistakes

From the City of Lansing Auditors, the top 10 mistakes made completing the Lansing tax return

  2014 L-1040 Instructions

2014 Instructions for completing City of Lansing Income Tax Return.  

  2014 L-1040 Fillable  

2014 L-1040 Fillable Form - page 1 & page 2

This download requires Adobe Reader®

  2014 L-1040 Page 1

  2014 L-1040 Page 2

  2014 Pymnt Voucher

  • L-1040 Page 1 & Page 2

  • L-1040 Payment Voucher
  2014 L-1040 Wage Allocation/Excludible Wages L-1040 Wage Allocation and Excludible Wages Worksheet

  2014 Part Yr Calculation

Schedule TC 


Calculation of Penalty and Interest

  Misc  Schedules

Miscellaneous Schedules

  2015 L-1040 ES

2015 Estimated Payment Instructions & Worksheet

  2015 Est 1st Qtr

  2015 Est 2nd Qtr

  2015 Est 3rd Qtr

  2015 Est 4th Qtr

  2014 Est 4th Qtr

Payment Coupons for Individual Quarterly Estimated Tax

  Extension To File

Application to request an extension for filing of tax return; not specific to a tax year.

  L-1040X Amend Instructions

Instructions for L1040X Individual Amend Return

  L-1040X Amend

L-1040 Individual Amendment Return

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Treasury/Property Tax
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Income Tax
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Employer Withholding
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Assessor's Office
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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
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