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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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You and your community can help in the battle against graffiti in the park.

One of the best defenses against graffiti is a very quick response in removing it.  This sends two very clear messages to the graffiti artist that:

1) His/her work is not wanted in the park.
2) Don't waste your time and money on spray paint here because it is not staying.

To assist your community group in addressing graffiti in the park, we are prepared to give you paint and the supplies to respond quickly to any graffiti in the park.  To receive your "Anti-Graffiti in the Park Kit"  or for questions call 483-4161.  Also, please record the graffiti by taking a picture of it before you remove it.  This will assist our Lansing Police Department in their fight against graffiti and possible gang activity.

Below are pictures of two community groups that have received their kits and are busy removing unwanted graffiti from their parks.

Brett Kaschinske
Parks & Recreation Dept.
200 North Foster Street
2nd Floor
Lansing, MI 48912

Here at Lansing Parks and Recreation we strive to provide all of the Lansing community with quality recreational opportunities. One way we do this is through our youth scholarship program. In the economic climate of today we are finding more families in need of this financial assistance. Your donation will help us ensure we are able to offer scholarships to Lansing youth who request assistance.


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