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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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Flood Smart Lansing

There are three rivers that can cause flooding in Lansing: the Grand River, the Red Cedar River, and Sycamore Creek. Riverine flooding can also happen on the Reynolds Drain in North Lansing, and Pawlowski Creek (also called the Mud Lake Drain) in South Lansing.

9% of the city is in the floodplain, including 2100 homes and more than 200 businesses. But heavy rains and melting snow can cause flooding anywhere in the city.

Only 1 in 4 people in the floodplain have flood insurance. The next major flood is expected to cause more than $270 million dollars in uninsured damages.

Floods are like snowstorms. There will always be another one, it is just a question of when it will happen and how bad it will be.

For more information on your flood risk call the Emergency Management Office at (517) 483-4110.

The Floodplain

Is your property in the Floodplain? Call 517-483-4069 to find out.

Flood Safety

If you haven't seen a major flood, it can be hard to imagine that the rivers that we cross over and walk beside every day can be dangerous. In 1975, the last major flood in Lansing, water was more than 8 feet deep in some places. The 1975 flood was not the worst possible flood, or even the worst likely flood that could happen here.

Protecting Your Property

There are things that you can do to protect your home from flood damage. The most effective things are also the most expensive: relocating the whole building to another location outside the floodplain, or elevating it so it is up above flood level.

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