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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is a dedicated group of individuals. The sole purpose is to demonstrate the honor that all firefighters are instilled with.

Firefighters are not appointed to this position, they request to be members. During someone else's time of need members take time out of their personal life to show compassion.

The Uniforms

The dress uniform is intended to be an example of the respect, honor and dedication of all Lansing firefighters past and present. Once dressed in this uniform the member is given a role in an event that shows pure respect to families that are in a state of mourning or respect to Colors when an event requires it.

To Be a Member

To be a Honor Guard member, the firefighter must show dedication, patience, hard work ethic and excellent military bearing. A probationary guardsman will have to acquire an adequate number of hours to show their dedication to the program.

All participants volunteer the time they spend on this activity. Currently there are twelve members in the Honor Guard. A guard uniform shows no rank. Honor does not know rank and respect is universal.


Listed alphabetically:

HONOR GUARD RED LIAISON BLACK LIAISON Elton, W. / Engr Weber, E. / Engr Babcock, S. / FF Lake, C. / FF Baker, M. / FF Powers, C. / Engr Barber, D. / FF Waier, C. / FF Centeno, I / Engr Wheeler, C. / FF Hudson, M. / Lt Yarsevich, C. / Capt

Randy Talifarro
Fire Chief
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