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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Instructions For Use

These instructions are right on the extinguisher

  1. Pull the pin.
  2. Stand 6 to 8 feet away from the fire.
  3. Aim (point) extinguisher at the base of the fire.
  4. Squeeze lever and sweep side to side until flames are out.
Should You Fight the Fire?
  1. Pull the fire alarm, make sure everyone is leaving the building.
  2. Make sure the fire department has been notified.
  3. Make sure the fire is confined to a small area and not spreading.
  4. Make sure you have an unobstructed escape route.
Extinguisher Types

Class A - Ordinary combustibles (anything that will leave an ash).

Class B - Flammable liquids (gas, oil, grease, tar, oil-based paint).

Class C - Energized electrical equipment (wiring, fuse boxes, circuits).

Class D - Combustible metals.

Extinguisher Sizes

1A - 40A

Fire Extinguisher with a 2A rating will protect 3,000 square feet.

Extinguisher Locations
  • Best if kept in high traffic locations.
  • Always keep in plain sight (not under drapes, in closets, etc.).
  • Place extinguisher in wall brackets no more than five feet off the floor.
  • Place near exits and in all hazard areas.
Randy Talifarro
Fire Chief
120 E. Shiawassee
Lansing, MI 48933

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.