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Community Policing

The Lansing police Department has been a long time leader in Community Policing. Our efforts Community Policing have reduced crime and spurred neighborhood and business cooperation. We moved from a specialized programmatic approach to an operational philosophy. As our internal crime information systems change, the availability of data for decision-making allows us to hold ourselves more accountable. We wish to reduce crime and calls for service, while increasing our overall citizen satisfaction levels. As community policing shapes every aspect of our internal decision making process the level of satisfaction within the community also improves. We are committed to providing the best services possible to the residents of Lansing. We continue to look for new and innovative ways to deliver police services and increase our accessibility.

North Town Neighborhood-CPO

Boundaries South-Saginaw Street North-Grand River Avenue East-Cleveland Street and West-Ballard Street

Officer Mike Lam is assigned to the North Town area.  Officer Lam organizes neighborhood clean-ups and a Meet Your Neighbors picnic.  Officer Lam rides his bike and walks the neighborhood in an effort to build a trusting relationship with the area residents.  On any given day you can see Officer Lam patrolling the neighborhood and spending time talking to the youth in the area.   You can reach Officer Lam at (517) 483-6868 ext. 9146.

Baker / Donora Neighborhood-CPO

Boundaries South-Mt. Hope, North-Railroad Tracks, East-Cedar St, West-Pennsylvania Avenue

Officer Brian Whitsitt is assigned to the Baker / Donora Neighborhood.  Officer Whitsitt has built a strong partnership with Neighborhood Watch leaders, community leaders, and the staff at Baker / Donora Center.  Officer Whitsitt attends community meetings addressing neighborhood complaints.  Officer Whitsitt partners with the City of Lansing Code Compliance Officer to address neighborhood concerns.  You can reach Officer Whitsitt at (517) 483-6868 ext. 9126.

Downtown/Stadium District Community Police Officer

  Officer Matthew Salmon is a 11 year veteran of the Department.  The Downtown Community Police Officer attends the downtown business meetings, assists with downtown events, addresses concerns from the business community and provides a general sense of security through high visibility during the business day.  Officer Samon has begun building relationships with Cooley Law School to ensure the security needs of their campus and students are met. You can reach Officer Rasdale at 517-881-1436.

Kalamazoo Street Corridor-CPO

Officer Katie Diehl is a 14 year veteran of the Department. She has a very active area with continued challenges of street drugs and prostitution.  Officer Diehl  has a unique balance of aggressive crime fighting and community networking. There are highly dedicated neighborhood leaders in his area that he remains accountable to.  Officer Diehl employs team policing strategies and routinely works with Special Operations Section personnel to suppress prostitution.  The addition of Officer Diehl as a CPO in has been a tremendous asset.  Officer Diehl  can be reached at 517- 643-6564.

South Washington Corridor-CPO


School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers have played an integral role in the school culture.  SRO’s routinely monitor the halls and campus to ensure a safe environment for both students and staff.  SRO’s enforce law, support school security and administration with school code matters and liaison between School, neighborhood and City officials.  SRO’s teach classes, counsel students and most importantly, provide encouragement, motivation and mentoring to many students that truly benefit.  This group of officers has done a remarkable job of building relationships with students which have benefited the school and community by preventing incidents that jeopardize public safety.  All of them have attended Home Land Security training specific to school violence.  Their teachings in the school have included internet safety, bullying prevention, illegal drugs awareness and modified “Scared Straight” type programs.   SRO presence in our schools has improved security and discipline policies and brought a heightened degree of comfort among students and staff who simply want to feel safe in their scholastic environment.  These officers have taken ownership of the assignment, their school, and provide service with a genuine pursuit of making a difference.

Sexton High School 

 Officer Tony Sandoval is assigned to Sexton High School.  Officer Sandoval has served as a Lansing Police Department Officer for 12 years.   Officer Sorg can be reached at (517) 755-2076

Eastern High School

Officer Tony Beattie is a 16 year veteran of the department.  Officer Beattie can be reached at 517-755-4260.

Everett High School

Officer Martha McGonegal  is a 10 year veteran of the department.  Officer McGonegal can be reached at 517-755-2086.

Michael Yankowski
Chief of Police
120 W. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933

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