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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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Code Enforcement Section

316 North Capitol Ave.,
Suite C-2 Lansing, MI 48933
517-483-4361  Fax: 517-337-0100

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Code Officers
Code Enforcement Inspection District Map

Scott Sanford Lead Housing Inspector Inspection District Number - See Inspection Map
517-483-6946 Scott.Sanford@lansingmi.gov  
 Walter Allen    Code Enforcement Officer  8
 517-483-4335  Walter.Allen@lansingmi.gov  
 Vince Cantrell  Code Enforcement Officer  7
 517-483-4376  Vince.Cantrell@lansingmi.gov  
 Amy Castillo  Code Enforcement Officer  3
 517-702-4751  Amy.Castillo@lansingmi.gov  
 Larry Connelly Code Enforcement Officer  4
 517-483-7621 Larry.Connelly@lansingmi.gov  


Cameron Priest Code Enforcement Officer  1
517-483-4380 Cameron.Priest@lansingmi.gov  
 Gregg Scrimger  Code Enforcement Officer  6
 517-483-7620  Greg.Scrimger@lansingmi.gov  
 Dave Vincent  Code Enforcement Officer  2
 517-483-4379  Dave.Vincent@lansingmi.gov  
 Michael Morrison  Code Enforcement Officer  5
517-483-4052  Mike.Morrison@lansingmi.gov  
Dave Klein Premise Inspector  
517-483-4377 Dave.Klein@lansingmi.gov  
Jacob Odom Premise Inspector  
517-483-4378 Jacob.Odom@lansingmi.gov  
Meredith Johnson Premise Inspector  
517-483-6849 meredith.johnson@lansingmi.gov  
Zachary Driver Premise Inspector  
517-702-4750 zachary.driver@lansingmi.gov  
316 N Capitol Ave
Suite C-1
Lansing ,MI 48933
Ph: 517-483-4361
Fax: 517-377-0100

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.