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Call Off List

List of Cases that Have Been Called Off

If you are a witness that received a subpoena to appear for a City of Lansing case, you may check this page to see if your case has been taken off the schedule, or "called off." Find the date your case is scheduled in the list below.  Cases that have been taken off the schedule will appear below the date, listed by Defendant Name and Case Number.

If you find your case listed below, you do not need to appear in court on that date.  However, you may still receive a subpoena to appear on another date. 



Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Marc Alan - 14-00521 OM

Hilary Frump - 13-01647 OM

Keeran Miles - 14-02804 OM

Keeran Miles - 14-02805 OM

Nicholas Webb - 14-04102 OD

Marquis DeMyers - 14-04199 OT

Marquis DeMyers - 14L1820902 OI

Chanise Morris - 13-03460 OM

Kaur Sukhpreet - 14-04897 OD

Joshua Stephens -14-04980 OD

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