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Noise Waiver/Street Closure

An event that is localized, and intended for the immediate residents residing on the impacted streets, is considered a “Neighborhood Event”. Advertising for a Neighborhood Event is usually limited to flyers distributed in the neighborhood of the event, newsletter notice, posters, email or announcement at a Neighborhood Association meeting.

Note that mass advertising that uses the internet, Facebook, websites, etc. may disqualify an event as a "Neighborhood Event".

In the case of a Neighborhood Event, the organizer / applicant must complete a Local Street/Block Closure and Noise Waiver Request for the event.

All other events designed to bring an audience or participation that extends beyond the residents of a particular neighborhood will most likely be handled through the broader Special Event Permit Application (SEPA) process.

Download the Local Street/Block Closure and Noise Waiver Request and submit the commpleted application to:

Planning & Neighborhood Development Department
Office of the Director
316 N. Capitol Ave. Suite D-1
Lansing, MI. 48933

The department must receive the completed request at least 3 weeks before the event takes place. Submitted applications do not guarantee your event will be approved.

Ph: 517-483-4276 - Carol Munroe
Special Event Permit Application

Download and submit the Special Event Permit Application to apply for a special event permit. 

By submitting your request does not guarantee your event will be approved. All requests are subject to event day availability.