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The purpose of Inclusive Recreation is to assist an individual in developing and implementing a health balanced leisurely lifestyle. Please be sure to fill out the Participant Health Assessment Form.

Leisure programs and opportunities help to improve quality of life as well as improve and maintain physical and psychological health and well-being.

Inclusive recreation programs offer opportunities for individuals to socialize and participate together in non-threatening environments and activities. Inclusive recreation takes place when individuals of all abilities participate in a recreational activity together in an attempt to decrease barriers to leisure by utilizing adaptations and programming accommodations. The benefits of inclusive recreation are not limited to the individuals with disabilities. Individuals without disabilities benefit from inclusive recreation as well.

Lansing Parks and Recreation support and encourage inclusion services for people of all ages who choose to participate in general recreation programs. Please contact Gier Community Center at (517) 483-4313 for more information.

We also have an exciting partnership with Helping Hands Respite to serve invididuals that require a higher level of care:

Breaking Barriers Today is a collaborative effort between Helping Hands Respite Care, The City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department, and Community Mental Health. The activity center is focused on providing a quality experience for those with disabilities ranging in age from 13-50. A gap for programming, specifically for adults from 26-35, has been recognized through several professional agencies within the Lansing Community. This program is Helping Hands Respite Care's response to filling that gap. For more information click here: http://www.helpinghandsrespite.care/services/breaking-barriers-today-program/

Inclusive Recreation Mission

The mission of the Inclusive Recreation Program is to provide opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities to acquire skills that enable them to participate in leisure experiences of their choice and enhance their abilities to function within a community setting. The staff also provide advocacy and support for individuals with disabilities to participate in general recreation activities, as well as specialized therapeutic activities that include opportunities in health and wellness, outdoor adventure, arts, social stimulation, and use of community resources.

  1. To promote and enhance quality of life
  2. To provide opportunities for socialization.
  3. To promote emotional and psychosocial well being.
  4. To enhance or maintain physical abilities.


Program Policies

 It is the goal of the Lansing Parks and Recreation Inclusive Recreation Program to provide a positive, safe, and fun recreation experience for all individuals. To help us provide you with the best possible experience, we have developed the following policies:

  1. Appropriate social behavior is stressed during all programs. The staff and volunteers will do their best to ensure each participants success. If a participants behavior is detrimental to the group or to themselves (i.e. kicking, biting, hitting, spitting, self-abusing, refusal to stay with the group etc.), a parent or guardian will be called to pick up the participant immediately. If behavior continues, it may lead to removal from the program. Please call the Therapeutic Coordinator if you have any questions.
  2. An individual with a disability may be removed from a program if they exhibit behavior which is considered a direct threat to other participants/staff and if this behavior cannot be reduced or eliminated through accommodations. Staff must implement strategies to address the direct threat behavior. If these strategies are not successful in reducing or eliminating the behavior, the participant may be removed from the program (with supported documentation)
  3. Each program activity has a minimum and maximum number for enrollment. If the minimum numbers are not reached, the class will be cancelled. If the maximum number is reached, a waiting list will be started and those individuals will be contacted if there is an opening.
Personal Care Assistance

Participants needing personal assistance with toileting, feeding or dressing must make personal arrangements. These participants are encouraged to bring their own personal assistant to the activity (at no charge) to provide any necessary personal care.

Medication Policy Statement

Medication will only be distributed in keeping with the following procedure. A separate completed medication form, signed by the parent/guardian, is required for each medication. We will only distribute medication in a pill form. All medication for the day’s dosage must be brought in the original container on a daily basis, bearing the pharmacy label showing the prescription number, name of the medication, participants name, and directions for dosage. Parents/guardians are asked to give the medications to the TR staff when dropping off the participant.

Inclusion Services

 What is Recreation Inclusion?

Inclusion is:

  • The full and active participation of individuals with disabilities in the same community activities as individuals without disabilities.
  • Providing individuals with reasonable accommodations that will enhance their recreational experience.
  • Integrating individuals into typical recreation activities to stimulate the greatest amount of enjoyment and participation.
  • Providing positive recreation experiences which contribute to the growth and development of every individual.  

The Inclusive Recreation Program is pleased to offer inclusion services to people of all ages who choose to participate in general recreation programs. We will work with the participant and parent/guardian to help implement accommodations designed to provide the most successful recreation experience for all participants.  Some minimum eligibility requirements (age, level of participation) must be met in order to participate. (At least two weeks advance notice to the Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator is required.)

Some examples of reasonable accommodations:

  • an enhanced staff/participant ratio
  • sign interpretation for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • adaptive activity equipment or supplies
  • accessible transportation is provided when transportation is provided as part of an event.

The minimum requirements which apply to a participant without a disability also apply to a participant with a disability. These include:

  •  meeting the age restriction requirements of the program
  • following rules of conduct (with or without reasonable accommodation)
  • voluntary participation; recreation programs and activities are voluntary in nature. Participation will be encouraged and aided, but not forced.
  • level of participation; with or without reasonable accommodations. The participant will engage in scheduled activities for the majority of the time.
  • ability to use a consistent form of communication to indicate basic needs and follow simple directions.
  • ability to tolerate and function, with or without assistance, as a member of a larger social group. (12 or more people)
How to register for a program

Choose an activity that you would like to participate in.

  1. Register for the activity either in person, through the mail or over the phone. Payment must be made at time of registration.
  2. When you register, please indicate that you will require special accommodations to participate in the activity.
  3. Some accommodations may take a few weeks to set up, so please register for an activity that you are interested in as soon as possible so necessary arrangements can be made.
Brett Kaschinske
Parks & Recreation Dept.
200 North Foster Street
2nd Floor
Lansing, MI 48912

Here at Lansing Parks and Recreation we strive to provide all of the Lansing community with quality recreational opportunities. One way we do this is through our youth scholarship program. In the economic climate of today we are finding more families in need of this financial assistance. Your donation will help us ensure we are able to offer scholarships to Lansing youth who request assistance.


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