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54-A District Court back

Records Requests

General Records Checks

The 54-A District Court may only release court records that are public in nature and have originated from this court. Local Administrative Order 2015-5 governs access to court records. The 54-A District Court is forbidden by law to disclose information from a criminal history, a driving record or the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). A more complete record check may be requested by writing the appropriate state agency. Both the Michigan State Police and Department of State maintain computer information expressly for this purpose.

(a) To obtain a Criminal Record check contact:

Michigan State Police Central Records Bureau
7150 Harris Drive Lansing, MI 48913
Telephone: (517) 322-5531
(website will show convictions only)

(b) To obtain a Driving (Traffic) Record contact:

Michigan Department of State
Commercial Look-up Unit
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI 48918
Telephone: (517) 322-1624

Public Request

The 54A District Court does not conduct record searches for the public or private agencies. The court will offer for inspection all public court files once a requestor provides the court with a specific file number and submits the file/copy request form. Copies of court records are $1.00 per page or $10.00 per page for a certified copy. Freedom of Information requests do not apply to district court records.

Public Access Terminals

The court provides 3 public access terminals for use by persons wishing to view district court records. The public access terminals contain records filed with the court from July 1990 to present date. Records prior to July 1990 are maintained in hand written index books and may be pulled from storage or microfilm for review once a court file number has been submitted to the court by the requestor. The public access terminals/books are open for use from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Please check in at the court's traffic or civil counter for directions to the public access room.

Government Requests

The 54A District Court will provide record requests for government agencies. All requests should be submitted in writing on the requesting agencies' letter head and may be faxed to the court at 517-483-4108. The request needs to include a return fax and phone number along with the name of the government agent requesting the records. Allow 5 business days for response by the court.

Certificate of Conviction

Certificates of conviction are $10 per certified copy. It may take up to 5 business days to process each request. A district court file number is required to be submitted to the court at the time the certificate of conviction is requested. The fee for the certificate of conviction is due at the time the document is picked up from the court. Persons requesting a certificate of conviction to be mailed or faxed to them should send a check or money order payable to "54A District Court" at the time the request for the certificate of conviction is made.

Certified Copies

A certified copy of any court document is $10 per copy. Warrants, fingerprint cards, treatment and forensic evaluations are not accessible for viewing or for certified copies. All non public files are only open for viewing by the defendant sentenced on said case and proof of identity is required.

54A-District Court
6th Floor City Hall
124 W Michigan Ave
Lansing ,MI 48933
(517) 483-4433

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.