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Mayor Virg Bernero

Rebecca Urban Testimonials

"Not only did Rebecca provide useful information for me personally, when I asked about my parents in another state, she gave me some launch points for helping them, too!"

"Very informative, great program!"

"She has great people skills and is efficient in her way of describing my situation. Thank you for her."

"Very friendly and helpful with things I would not have known! Gave information on things I probably would not have looked into. Thank you very much."

"Rebecca helped me to see where money was being wasted, how to solve the issues, and helped with court documents needed."

"I was able to learn how to track expenditures better and get a handle on my finances."

"Very good thanks."

"Very responsible with a good attitude, and is very respectful."

"Rebecca has told me about a lot of useful resources that I could use to better myself for my future. I think this will be a perfect program for me and I will recommend this to others."

"Rebecca Urban is really helpful, and friendly. She helped me out a lot and my understanding of how credit works and the best way to build credit."

"Very responsive counselor and is helpful, attentive, and thorough."

"There were many resources provided to help me get my finances back in line."

"This information and tools that has been given to me has been great. They really do work if you make it work. Ms. Urban was very professional and courteous and really showed caring. I'm very happy."

"My counselor helps me get things off my credit report."

Amber Paxton