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Property Information

This page will give you access to some of the basic property information. The Assessment, Taxable and Homeowners Principal Residence information is accurate as of the date of transfer to the web. The building and land information is current for the upcoming assessment year. The information is subject to change before Tax Day December 31. Due to continuous development activity throughout the City of Lansing, this data is for reference only. The information is presently solely for the convenience of the citizens of the City of Lansing, and others interested in learning more about it. Specific questions should be referred to the appropriate city department. We provide this data WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or inferred.

CLICK HERE to access property information.

Property Information will open in a new window. Specific properties can be found by searching for the Property's Address or Parcel Number.

Property Tax Information
The City of Lansing only collects taxes through February 28th of any given year. All taxes still due as of March 1st are turned over delinquent to the County Treasurer's office for continued collection. When this site indicates that prior year's taxes are not paid, this represents the status as of the following March 1st only. The current status of prior year's delinquent taxes can only be obtained from the County Treasurer's Office. If the property's parcel number begins with 33, contact the Ingham County Treasurer's office at 517-676-7220.  For parcel numbers beginning with 23, contact the Eaton County Treasurer's office at 517-543-4262. For parcel numbers beginning with 19, contact the Clinton County Treasurer's office at 989-224-5280.The Counties delinquent tax information may also be found by clicking the County Treasurer Web Sites at the bottom of this page.

Parcel Numbers
The number system consists of a two digit county code with a dash, a two digit municipality code with a dash, a two digit geographic township code with dashes, a two digit section code with dashes, a three digit block code with dashes and a three digit individual parcel code. The parcel number can be entered with or without dashes.

County Municipality Township Sections Blocks Parcel




Lansing City=50




25 - 36

3 digits

3 digits


Lansing City=01    




29 and 32
03 and 04

3 digits 3 digits

One example of the numbering system in each of the 2 counties.

  • Eaton County, City of Lansing, Delta Township, Section 36, Block 326, Individual Parcel Number 007: 23-50-40-36-326-007
  • Ingham County, City of Lansing, Lansing geographic Township, Section 16, Block 183, Individual Parcel Number 009 : 33-01-01-16-183-009

To return to the Treasurer's Property Tax page, click here

Ingham County Treasurer's Web Site, click here

Eaton County Treasurer's Web Site, click here

Clinton County Treasurer's Web Site, click here

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