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Pavement Surface Evaluation & Rating System

What is PASER?

Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) is a system for visually rating the surface condition of a pavement from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a pavement in a failed condition and 10 being a pavement in excellent condition. Guidelines for rating the pavement surface using the PASER system have been developed by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council.
PASER Ratings Map

Why does the City use PASER?

Most pavements will deteriorate through various phases. The rate at which pavement deteriorates from and excellent (10) to very poor condition (1) depends largely on its environment, traffic leading conditions, original construction quality and interim maintenance procedures. The City of Lansing has recognized the benefits of performing regular pavement condition surveys to evaluate the existing pavement conditions and to allocate maintenance and construction funds. The pavement survey is one aspect of a larger asset management program not only for pavements but for all infrastructure in the City.

The PASER rating scale can generally be translated into maintenance categories as follows:

Asphalt Streets
PASER Rating Condition Treatment
9 & 10         
Excellent No maintenance required
8 Very Good Little or no maintenance
7 Good Crack sealing and minor patching
5 & 6 Fair – Good Preservative treatments (non-structural)
3 & 4 Poor – Fair Structural improvement (overlay)
1 & 2 Failed Reconstruction
Concrete Streets
PASER Rating Condition Treatment
9 & 10         
Excellent No maintenance required
7 & 8
Very Good Routine maintenance
5 & 6
Fair – Good Surface repairs, sealing, partial-depth patching
3 & 4
Poor - Fair
Extensive slab or joint rehabilitation
1 & 2
Failed Reconstruction
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