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Mayor Virg Bernero
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LUKE Pay Stations

Introducing the new LUKE pay stations. A brief tutorial on how to use the newly installed Solar-Powered Luke pay stations on the 200-300 block of North Washington Avenue in downtown Lansing.  This new technology is easy-to-use, convenient and efficient.  The Luke pay stations will be programmed with a 3 hour time limit

How It Works

  1. Park your vehicle as usual.
  2. Make a note of your 3 digit parking space number; clearly marked on the parking space signs that have replaced the tops of old meter posts.
  3. Look for any conveniently located pay station.  There are currently 8 pay stations located on the 200-300 block of N. Washington.
  4. Press any key to “wake” the unit from power save mode.
  5. Using the key pad enter your space number then select “1” to pay for parking.
  6. Use the key pad to page through the menu, then select the number that shows your length of stay. (reminder: 3 hour maximum stay)
  7. Insert exact change or credit/debit card.  (The pay station does not provide change.)
  8. Take your receipt with you.  The time your parking meter expires is printed right on the receipt.
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