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Kenyata Love Davidson Testimonials

“Very informative and helpful! This program is a jewel that I will benefit for the rest of my life!”

“Learning how to become financially stable is important. Speaking with someone such as Kenyata, who is very knowledgeable, is refreshing. Her approach in helping me is excellent!”

"Kenyata Has helped me take control of my spending habits"

"Kenyata is an exceptional financial counselor. I have already recommended her to many of my friends, family and co-workers. She has helped me save more in one year than I have ever saved in my life. She shows that she really cares and wants to help her clients make impacts for themselves in their own lives. I am SO GLAD I received her as my counselor. She has been a real blessing."

"She is very friendly and helping people. She is doing a very fine job."

"We went over my financial goals and have made a plan of action to get there. I better understand finances and how to manage money."

"I have recommended this service to several friends and co-workers."

"Very nice to talk with! Very helpful!"

"I have learned a good way to save my money, also how to make positive changes to be able to make my money stretch."

"It has made a difference in the way I see myself and saving."

"She is very patient, very helpful, great attitude. I like her a lot. Thank you so much for this service."

"Kenyata is very smart. She has helped me a lot with new ideas on how to decrease my debt, increase my savings, and helped me to organize my budget."

"Very informative and helpful! This program is a jewel that will benefit me for the rest of my life!"

"My counselor has been very helpful. I recommend this program for everyone."

 "There were areas of my financial life I was not aware of. She has given great advice on how I can get myself out of the red and back in the black. I will continue to work with her on these issues."

"She was helpful with budget ideas and giving us other useful references to other people."

"Helpful with budget strategy."

"It was comfortable and friendly. Kenyata listened to me about my concerns and helped me to find solutions, offered me avenues to help take the pressure out of this situation. I appreciate her. Thank you."

"It has been very helpful and enlightening, I wish I would've come sooner. I would recommend any one with troubles financially to come."

"My counselor has helped me a great deal with budgeting and realizing how much debt I have. She has helped me with options to overcome my debt."

"My counsel spoke very well about helping with this program. She explained every detail of the program step by step so you can understand what is going to help in this program. Thank you Mrs. Davidson."

"I like the plan of action at the end of each meeting. Professional accountability increases the likelihood of meeting goals. This is helpful. Also being asked, 'What can I do to further help you meet goals?' is helpful."

"Extremely helpful in discussing all the relevant issues pertaining to my situation."

"We went over my plan on how to cut costs and what I need to raise my credit score. Kenyata was very helpful."

"Kenyata is a wonderful counselor! During our sessions she has helped me to become aware of my spending and saving habits and then empowered me to look toward the future. Being empowered financially today gives me better hope and motivation to strive toward my future goals of further education, owning a home, having a family, and being a role model to my friends and family. I've told my friends about her, but many of them live in Detroit. I wish she could go there to see them!"

"I feel like we are finally on the right path! Kenyata is amazing, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I don't know where we would be today without this program to help us move forward. We had been at a standstill until we started with the Financial Empowerment Center."

"If there were a box to check that is better that 'great' I would definitely check it. Kenyata has done more for my financial resolutions than anyone. Consciously and subconsciously my spending has changed for the better. Also her knowledge, wisdom, and her dedication have made me come to a better understanding. I now don't feel 'bullied' by my collectors and her help has given me renewed hope on getting my financial resolution."

"Kenyata is a very personable and helpful counselor. My wife and I have benefited greatly by her advice and information. I am very grateful that we have taken that step in our financial housing journey."

"Currently we are at the beginning of our experience, but all is moving and steps are being taken to correct our credit situation, at this point expectations are high."

"These two sessions have really encouraged us to consider our options to change our finances. It opened up possibilities that we hadn't considered as viable and to be more forward-looking. This has been a very positive experience."

"Kenyata listened to my concerns about my financial situation and gave me good advice on how to proceed in a job search."

"The counseling sessions are very informative. Kenyata explains things very well. She is clear and concise. This counseling is helping me to be conscious of my spending habits and illuminating the debt that I have."

"I have never had credit. I've operated on a cash basis so my debt load is probably comparatively small but I do have a need for a positive credit rating and am working toward this goal."

"Counselor listens well and encourages me to figure out short term plans to get long term results."

"I have received help in the areas I have asked. She understands my goals."

"I love how Ms. Kenyata is really helping me go in the right direction with my finances. We also went over my credit report and are getting things in order."

"I have had a very good experience in the counseling I have gotten here. The counselor is very helpful in all my financial matters. I am doing great."

"Great common sense advice."

"My experience with Kenyata has been a valuable adventure and I'd definitely recommend her for assistance."

"Kenyata is very knowledgeable about ways to improve credit ratings. Provides assistance in steps needed to reduce spending and establish savings. Great to talk over ways to improve financial status."

"Good plan of action. I work best with others, rather than alone. I talk through my issues, looking for a solution. Kenyata is cool with that approach."

"She's polite and understanding. Helpful."

"Informative & enlightening sessions. Kenyata is helpful, patient and her positive attitude makes discussing our needs a breeze."

"Very personable and easy to talk to. Really feel that she understands what we're going through."

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