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Jim Crain Testimonials

"He is very understanding. He also explains things so we can understand. There is very little to no judgment here."

"Uplifting to receive information and resources that will help make a difference. A light in a dark cloud of confusion."

"I hope this helps me get back on my feet."

"He was very understanding of my situation. He wasn't judgmental. I told him how I got in the spot I was in. He was an awesome person. I'm glad I got to meet him and I hope I can get on the right track soon."

"I was excited to know Mr. Crain was going to help me for long term financial stability rather (than) just for my current emergency needs."

"He listened to my feedback and we together will adapt a new alternative to our problem. With his experience and ideas this will be the best approach to a previous plan."

"Very pleasant and helpful."

"It was very helpful with a lot of information."

"Very knowledgable. Answered all of my questions."

"Jim explains things very well."

"The best thing about my counseling was that I understood everything that he told me. He took his time at explaining it to me."

"It was very helpful and gave me a lot to look forward to."

"My counselor was very informative, friendly and patient with me and my given situation. I will definitely be back!"

"I think if we keep working together it will help me manage my bills a lot better. I think this is just what I needed."

"My counselor was genuinely interested in my life and was able to understand why I am having financial issues. This was the best financial appointment I have ever dealt with. He made me feel so comfortable about being totally honest about my situation - He's a keeper!"

"I was able to talk and tell him what I was going through and how much help and understanding he was. I am very happy with today's session. I look forward to coming back."

"I feel like I'm beginning to come out of the shroud of ignorance I've been stuck in. A great first step forward."

"It was clear, painless, and very informative.  Mr. Crain was knowledgable on a half dozen or so programs of which I was unaware."

"Jim helped me clear my thinking. He gave me suggestions on what to do next and where to go. (He) is very supportive and knowledgeable."

"I first had a phone conversation with Jim. I felt calmer with our conversation and what he could offer. My visit was interesting and it seemed so good to release information and working with my debts and fears. Jim was very easy to speak with and it felt good to release all my shortcomings."

"Jim explains everything well to me and I'm glad that he will be able to help me with all my budgeting."

"Jim just assured me that everything has a way of working itself out. Thanks and see you next time!!"

"Jim helps me to understand that having a budget can help you somewhat fix your spending habits and that's what I need to get a handle on."

"Jim was very helpful in helping me evaluate my current financial situation. We will be meeting again to go over my credit report."

"I had no idea so many programs are available to help me, and I thought I was well informed. I feel this is going to help me a lot in getting my first home."

"Very informational. I'm excited about it!"

"It was great!!! The information was extremely useful. I am looking forward to overcoming and conquering my debt."

"It made me feel a lot better about our situation and we would get help along the way from someone knowledgeable."

"It was great with very good information that I got today. I'm ready to start with a great start."

"He was very helpful and made me feel sure about what he can help me with. I thank him and can't wait to see what good is going to come of it."

"He is helping with my debt, credit and budgeting. He's even helping to stay focused and positive. Even though things are rough now to stay strong. Things will work themselves out with determination."

"Jim was very friendly, knowledgeable and gave a sense of ease in a very scary situation."

"Very thorough. I believe keeping track of my expenses on a daily basis will be very helpful."

"He gave us details we didn't have before."

"Happy to begin starting to get things in order to better myself and family."

"Very comfortable. The session was easy to understand and explain. He asked the right questions and gave great answers."

"I've learned that there are people willing to help others."

"This is only the first visit. I am filling out forms and Jim is gathering data. Let's see more on the second visit."

"Great information and great counselors who were very engaging and helpful. I look forward to his review."

"Jim has been a tremendous asset for our financial situation. We highly recommend Jim . Easy to talk to and very helpful. Gives you good information and ideas to achieve your goals."

"Before when I attempted to deal with financial issues myself, I would look at the information and see nothing but numbers, data and stress. Jim broke it down slowly and effectively in such a way that was non-threatening and much more understandable."

"He was great at helping me understand everything and also how to help myself in the future."

"Jim is a very good counselor for me, he is good at his job and I feel he is best for me. Thanks for being there for me."

"We are just getting started but our counselor seems very knowledgeable and friendly."

"I've learned that working with Jim will be to my benefit which I already knew or was under that impression. Jim was great and only added to my belief in my financial future."

"Excited that I now at least know what direction to go in and how to get started."

"Today was good and learning to do a few things helping me with my budget and financial situation."

"My counselor is great. He gave me tools to start saving money, current debt and resources. I like this program."

"Wonderful, great, the best, awesome"

"I learned stuff about more resources to get back on track that I didn't know about before."

"My experience was great. Jim informed me of a lot of information that I was not aware of and gave me information on job listings to help better my situation."

"I was given information on consolidating my student loans, improving my credit through a secured credit card, and mailing the credit bureaus not to share my information. I have now consolidated my federal student loans and have a lower payment and have a $200.00 secured credit card. Very helpful!"

"It was very, very helpful. We went over a lot of things and also found out things. Looking forward to coming back."

"My/Our counselor was very helpful."

"It was great. My counseling experience is going to be helpful and rewarding."

"My experience has been very exciting! I have learned that I am not so far in debt and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jim has given me goals and resources that will be beneficial for my family. Thanks."

"Very informative and left the session more relieved."

"It was very informative and the counselor gave some great advice on resumes."

"Very pleasant!"

"Very informative in a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere."

"Very empowering and great to know about empowerment and to know there are ways to build yourself and your budget up with help."

"Help with a lot of information and easy to talk with."

"My counselor was very friendly. He made me feel like I have hope for getting my finances in order. Thanks Jim."
"There is some good practical information, and there are some services I may find useful which were made known to me during this session, which I appreciated."

"Very positive. I have some sense of resolving my situation."

"It was great, people helping people to get back on their feet!"

Amber Paxton
Monday thru Friday, 9am - 5pm