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Mayor Virg Bernero

Jessica Dexter Testimonials

"Helped me establish credit. I was able to get Master Card with no trouble."

"Jessica has help guide me through the finer points of personal finances. There are a lot of aspects involved in being financially sound and without her help and guidance I would be lost. Thank you Jessica and Financial Empowerment Center."

"Learning a lot of things I didn't know. She's steering me in the right direction."

"I am learning about my budget and credit report. I enjoy it. Relieves some stress."

"They are helping me get through my confusions."

"They listen and suggest things to me that I need to hear and they are courteous and write everything down for me so I can understand things better."

"Jessica is very good at uncovering details to correct the financial situation and furthermore to find solutions."

"It was really helpful about where I need to be financial for my future. Thanks again."

"You have helped me a great deal."

"Jessica has shown me that my credit score is not only important but that good score is attainable. Thank you."


Amber Paxton