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Mayor Virg Bernero
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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Estinguishers

When and How to use a fire extinguisher.

Instructions For Use - These instructions are right on the extinguisher

  • Pull the pin
  • Stand 6 to 8 feet away from the fire
  • Aim (point) extinguisher at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze lever and sweep side to side until flames are out

Should You Fight the Fire?

  • Pull the fire alarm, make sure everyone is leaving the building
  • Make sure the fire department has been notified
  • Make sure you have an unobstructed escape route

Extinguisher Types

  • Class A - ordinary combustibles (anything that will leave an ash)
  • Class B - Flammable liquids (gas, oil, grease, tar, oil-based paint)
  • Class C - Energized electrical equipment (wiring, fuse boxes, circuits)
  • Class D - Combustible Metals

Extinguisher Locations

  • Best if kept in high traffic locations
  • Always keep in plain sight (not under drapes, in closets, etc.)
  • Place extinguisher in wall brackets no more than five feet off the floor
  • Place near exits and in all hazard areas

Randy Talifarro
Fire Chief
120 E. Shiawassee
Lansing, MI 48933

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.