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Selecting a contractor is an important step in participating in Lansing’s Basement Backup Protection Program (B2P2). To help you, the B2P2 has compiled a list of contractors who participated in an informational B2P2 meeting.

The City and the B2P2 do not make recommendations on any of these contractors. You can use any contractor who is licensed for the type of work outlined in the program guidelines, and meets the insurance requirements.

Contractors must also provide you with a 1 year warranty on labor and materials.

If you have any questions, call the B2P2 Help Line at (517) 853-7867. You may also email the B2P2 staff at Basements@DCEngPC.com.

A good proposal will:

  • Explain the solution and how it will work.
  • Outline your basement sewer connections.
  • Discuss maintenance issues.
  • Disclose all related costs, including parts and labor.
Contractor and Work Plan Estimate

The Contractor and Work Plan Estimate form needs to be completed by the Contractor providing an estimate for the work. Contractor should submit this form with any supporting documents to the owner for them to supply in Step 2 Application.

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