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-Mayor Virg Bernero

Mayor Virg Bernero
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Development and Planning

2nd & 4th Thursday/Month @ 10:00 a.m. or at the call of the Chair

  • Jody Washington, Chair
  • Jessica Yorko, Vice Chair
  • Judi Brown Clarke, Member

Reviews economic development matters, EDC projects and the five-year plan covering development goals, policies, services and overall directions; reviews all matters having to do with land use, including zoning, plats and historical designations; reviews proposed modifications to the Master Plan; reviews acquisition and disposition of public property; and reviews changes to CDBG programming.

General Services

3rd Wednesday/Month @ 9:30 a.m. or At the Call of the Chair

  • Tina Houghton, Chair
  • Carol Wood, Vice Chair
  • Patricia Spitzley, Member

Reviews licensing and regulation matters, personnel matters and human services; reviews matters pertaining to the arts, cultural and community-wide activities, special events and leisure time programs; has general oversight of City government operations (except those more specifically covered by another standing committee); reviews and prepares amendments or revisions to Council Rules; and develops policies that would turn over routine matters to the Administration wherever possible.

Intergovernmental Relations

1st Tuesday of the Month @ 3:30 p.m. or At the Call of the Chair

  • Adam Hussain, Chair
  • Judi Brown Clarke, Vice Chair
  • Tina Houghton, Member

Represents Council in outreach efforts to improve working relationships with other political entities, with regional agencies and, internally, with such bodies as the Board of Water and Light, the Lansing Housing Commission and the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority. Its primary charge is to lead in the exploration of intergovernmental cooperation, toward provision of needed services in the best manner by the most appropriate jurisdiction with the least duplication of effort, to include specific emphasis on achieving a regional approach to various issues.

Public Safety

2nd & 4th Friday/Month @ 3:30 p.m. or At the Call of the Chair

  • Carol Wood, Chair
  • Adam Hussain, Vice Chair
  • Kathie Dunbar, Member

Reviews service levels and issues related to public safety, including police, fire, ambulance, emergency services, traffic environment and the building inspection program.

Public Services

1st & 3rd Friday/Month @ 3:30 p.m. or At the Call of the Chair

  • Kathie Dunbar, Chair
  • Patricia Spitzley, Vice Chair
  • Adam Hussain, Member

Reviews all matters pertaining to wastewater treatment, sewer and street needs, long range infrastructure, and parks and recreation needs and development, and the Municipal parking system, including parking enforcement and policies.

Ways and Means

1st & 3rd Wednesday/Month @ 8:15 a.m. or At the Call of the Chair

  • Judi Brown Clarke, Chair
  • Carol Wood, Vice Chair
  • Tina Houghton, Member

Reviews all proposed modifications to the City's annual Budget and program audits prepared by the Internal Auditor, the City's short-range and long-range financial condition, workforce needs for City operations and financial impact statements developed on proposed actions; and reviews and develops policy recommendations on City financial and budget matters.

Committee on Personnel

TBD or At the Call of the Chair

  • Jessica Yorko, Chair
  • Judi Brown Clarke, Vice Chair
  • Patricia Spitzley, Member
  • Jody Washington, Member

The Committee on Personnel shall consider, study, and recommend with respect to the following council staff matters:recruitment; selection; discipline; performance evaluations; job descriptions; policy and procedure manual development; any other personnel matter referred to it by council.

Committee of the Whole

5:30 p.m. before regularly scheduled Council Meetings or At the Call of the Chair

  • Judi Brown Clarke, Chair
  • Jessica Yorko, Vice Chair
  • Tina Houghton
  • Carol Wood
  • Kathie Dunbar
  • Jody Washington
  • Adam Hussain
  • Patricia Spitzley

Elected Officers Compensation Commission
  • Cassie Alley
  • Kurt Berryman
  • Catherine Groll
  • Samantha Harkins
  • Brian Huggler
  • Edwina Marshall
  • Liisa Speaker

Determine the salaries of all elected officials.

Ad Hoc on Billboards

Ad Hoc on Early Retirement

AD Hoc on Board of Ethics

Ad Hoc on City Market

Ad Hoc on City Rental Properties

Ad Hoc on Downtown Revitalization

Ad Hoc on Rental and Land Contract Housing Conditions
  • Council Member Dunbar
  • Council Member Houghton
  • Council Member Brown Clarke
  • Council Member Wood

Review a series of recommendations to determine whether new policies, ordinances or budgetary priorities need to be set.

Ad Hoc on Sewer Rates

Ad Hoc on Southside Community Center

Ad Hoc Committee on Stormwater Utilty

Ad Hoc on Supplier Diversity

Board of Ethics

Committee on Stormwater/CSO

Committee on Economic Development

Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity

Next Dates: 7/22/2016 @ 11:30 a.m.

  • Carol Wood - Chair
  • Patricia Spitzley
  • Jody Washington

This Committee has been charged to ensure and continue positive support of the efforts of the City of Lansing, Michigan as a welcoming community for diverse populations. One of the ways to guarantee this is to exam ordinances and policies within the City, in addition determine a baseline criteria to measure current practices as well when we establish new ones

Sherrie Boak
Office Manager
Lansing City Council
124 W Michigan Ave.
10th Floor City Hall
Lansing , MI 48933
Ph: 517-483-4177
Fax: 517-483-7630

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.