Fire Board

Rodney Singleton, At-Large Chairperson

Rodney Singleton

Frank Ferro, At-Large, Vice-Chairperson

Frank Ferro

David Keeney, 2nd Ward

Keeney David - Face

Betty Draher, 1st Ward

Draher, Betty

Tom Hoisington, At-Large

Tom Hoisington

Yvonne Young-McConnell, 3rd Ward

Yvonne Young-McConnell

About the Board

The Lansing Fire Board has been established by the City Charter and acts as an advisory board to the elected and appointed city officials. The Fire Board exercises the following responsibilities:
  • Approves rules for conduct of the Lansing Fire Department members.
  • Establishes the administrative rules for the Lansing Fire Department.
  • Receives and resolves complaints.
  • Reviews and approves the Lansing Fire Department budget.

Secretary Patti Starnes

For more information, please contact:

Patti Starnes
Fire Board Secretary
Phone: 517-483-4200