Historic Districts

Lansing has ten historic districts established by Council resolution and regulated by local ordinance Chapter 1220. Permits for construction, alteration, and demolition of resources in the districts are reviewed and approved by the Historic District Commission.
  1. Arbaugh Building, 401 South Washington Avenue

    The Arbaugh Building was erected in 1905 by Basil C. Cameron and Frank N. Arbaugh.

  2. Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill Neighborhood

    On October 12, 1989, The Lansing Historic District Commission received an petition for the establishment of a Historic District in the Cherry Hill Neighborhood.

  3. Darius B. Moon House, 216 Huron Street

    Darius B. Moon House, 216 Huron Street (formerly 116 South Logan Street) was built in 1894. This elaborate Victorian Eastlake-style house was designed and built, as well as occupied by, Lansing's major 19th-century architect, Darius B. Moon.

  4. Knapp Building, 300 Washington Square

    Built in 1937, The J.W. Knapp Building served as Lansing’s most prominent department store for more than forty years.

  5. Marshall Street Armory, 330 Marshall Street

    In 1924, the Marshall Street Armory building was constructed on the 330 Marshall Street property.

  6. Mutual Building, 208 North Capital Avenue

    Now known as the Christman Building, the Mutual Building was constructed in 1928 to house the Michigan Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a Lansing based firm established in 1881 to provide fire insurance protection for mills.

  7. National Register Historic Districts

    As well as the Historic Districts that are regulated by council and local ordinance, the City of Lansing also has many sites that are on the National Historic District List.

  8. Ottawa Street Station, 217 East Ottawa Street

    Now known as the Accident Fund Building, the Ottawa Street Station is one of the best examples of a monumental Art Deco styled building. It is displayed prominently in the downtown skyline of Lansing.

  9. Ottawa-Walnut, 320 - 328 West Ottawa Street

    Situated directly across from the state Capital grounds, the Emery Houses (320-322 and 326-328 West Ottawa) are a pair of double houses representing two of the few remaining structures of a type once common to the city.

  10. Prudden / Motor Wheel Factory, 707 Prudden Street

    The Prudden Wheel Company was the precursor of the long dominant wheel manufacturer Motor Wheel, and established itself in the wheel industry supplying 60% of all the automobiles manufactured in the U.S. at that time with their wheels.

  11. Ranney Building, 208 South Washington Avenue

    The Ranney Building was constructed in 1890 on Block 115 of the Original Plant of the City of Lansing.

  12. Additional Historical Surveys of Lansing

    View a variety of historical survey reports of the City of Lansing.