Business Licenses

Unless otherwise noted, licenses are issued for one-year periods.

Click on the name of the license to fill out the application.

If you desire assistance or have questions about these forms, you can email us at, call us at (517) 483-4133, or visit us in the City Clerk's office, located on the 9th floor of City Hall (124 W Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933).
License Requirements Ordinance Reference
Auctioneer - Submit Online Form  Fee of $100/year
Completed Application
2,500 Bond

Chapter 805
Billiard Room & Bowling Alley $50 application fee plus $15 per table or alley per year
Completed Application
Insurance & Bond

Chapter 806
Building Wrecker or Building Mover Fee of $125/year (new) or $100/year (renewal)
Completed Application
Copy of State Builder License
Liability Insurance
$10,000 Bond

Chapter 870
Cabaret Fee of $500/year
Completed Application

Chapter 808
Collection Bin Fee of $125/year (new) or $100 renewal 
$25 sticker replacement fee
Completed Application

Chapter 1302
Firework Display Fee of $150/event
Completed Application
(additional requirements listed in application)

Chapter 1615
Going out of Business, Fire & Certain Other Sales Fee of $50 per 30 days
Renewable twice at $50 each
Notarized Application including Inventory of Merchandise
City Treasurer Tax Certification

Michigan Regulation of Certain Sales MCL 442.211 et. seq.
Health Club Fee of $300/year
Notarized Application
Liability Insurance
$1000 Bond
Plans & Specifications

Chapter 822
Ice Cream Peddler Fee of $15/vehicle (6 months) or $25/vehicle (12 months)
plus $25 per owner, employee, and agent for background checks
Notarized Application
Michigan Sales Tax License Number
Liability Insurance
Criminal background check for every owner, employee, and agent

Chapter 844
Junk Dealer Fee of $5/cart and $10/shop
Completed Application
$200 Bond

Chapter 826
Exemption from Health Club Ordinance as a qualified and certified Massage Therapist Fee of $300/year
Notarized Exemption Application
Documentary evidence
Insurance & Bond

Chapter 822
Peddler, Canvasser, & Transient Merchant Fees:
- Peddler or Canvasser $75, first applicant per business; $10, each additional applicant. 
- Transient Merchant $75 per location. 
Background Check Form and Fee: $25 per person
Notarized Application
$1,000 Bond
Photo Identification
Credentials as representative of employer (if applicable)

Chapter 844
Secondhand Dealer Fee of $200/year
Completed Application
$200 Surety Bond

Chapter 856
Show License Fee of $250 per day (maximum $1,000 per applicant per location per year)
Notarized Application
$1,000 Indemnity Bond
Liability Insurance

Chapter 860
Sign Erector Fee of $125/year (new) or $100/year (renewal)
Completed Application
Liability Insurance

Chapter 1442
Street Musician Fee of $25/year
Completed Application

Chapter 864
Vehicle for Hire: Taxi, Limousine, Shuttle Bus, Horse-Drawn Carriage Completed Application 

Greater Lansing Taxi Authority
410 ABBOT ROAD EAST LANSING, MI 48823 Telephone: (517) 319-6914 Fax: (517) 337-1607

Waste Hauler Fee of $50 plus $35 per vehicle per year
Completed Application
Liability Insurance
Waste Hauler Ordinance