Departments A - I

  1. Building Safety

    Find important forms and permitting information for builders and contractors.

  2. City Assessor

    Find information about property tax assessments.

  3. City Attorney

    The Office of the City Attorney serves the citizens of the City of Lansing through its representation of the City and its elected officials, offices, boards and commissions in court and in administrative and quasi-judicial proceedings.

  4. Lansing Public Media Center

    City TV broadcasts programs on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the City of Lansing, as well as the weekly live broadcasts of the regular business meeting of the Lansing City Council.

  5. Code Enforcement

    The Code Enforcement Division strives to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Lansing residents through the preservation and improvement of the housing stock by assuring safe, decent, and sanitary housing while conserving the integrity of Lansing neighborhoods.

  6. Development Office

    The mission of the Development Office is to promote safe, energy efficient affordable housing opportunities for all Lansing residents, to plan and manage programs that benefit families with low and moderate income, to foster economic development, to support citizen led initiatives that create and sustain safe, attractive neighborhoods, and to manage real estate transactions on behalf of the City.

  7. Emergency Management

    The Lansing Office of the Emergency Management is housed in the Lansing Fire Department. We serve Lansing residents through emergency preparedness, hazard mitigation, disaster response, and disaster recovery.

  8. Finance Department

    The City of Lansing Finance Department covers a wide range of responsibilities and is made up of several divisions, including the Assessing, Treasury/Income Tax, Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Retirement offices.

  9. Fire Department

    The Lansing Fire Department is a customer focused, state of the art, provider of fire protection, emergency medical, hazardous materials, and technical rescue services.

  10. Human Relations & Community Services

    The Human Relations and Community Services Department pursues City Charter and Ordinance mandates to address human services needs in the Lansing area and help cultivate a community climate of diversity, equity and nondiscrimination.

  11. Human Resources

    The Department of Human Resources is located on the 4th floor of City Hall where we provide direct assistance to City workers as well as the Community for which we serve.

  12. Information Technology

    This department works to take care of the administration, network services, programming and systems management and telecommunications and support.