1. Bid Information

    The City of Lansing posts our request for bids, request for proposals, addendums and results on the MITN system.

  2. Budget Information

    Find City comprehensive annual financial reports, budgets, and other financial documents.

  3. City Charter & Ordinances

    View the Lansing City Charter, Ordinances, and Property Maintenance Code.

  4. City Parks

    Browse our listing of Lansing parks.

  5. Crime Safety Tips

    Stay safe and prepared. Read our crime prevention and safety tips.

  6. Election Information

    Find information on voter registration, polling locations, election results, and other election topics.

  7. Holiday Closures

    View a listing of holiday closures for the City of Lansing.

  8. Public Service Information

    The Public Service Department is driven by the mission to provide the services and resources necessary to maintain a high quality of life in the City of Lansing, Michigan. The Public Service Department is divided into six operational divisions: Operations and Maintenance, Engineering, Wastewater Systems, Business, Permits and Technology, Property Management, and Fleet Services.

  9. Property Tax Information

    Look up your property tax information online.

  10. Social Services Information

    The Human Relations and Community Services Department addresses human service needs in the Greater Lansing area. Based on community-wide assessments, the Department develops important programs and services designed to foster an equal and diverse environment, and improve the quality of life for all Lansing residents.

  11. Voter Registration Information

    Find out how to register to vote in the City of Lansing.

  12. Tax Forms

    Find tax forms here.