Fax Policy

Facsimile Transmission of Documents Policy

Pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2002-54, the 54-A Judicial District Court adopts the following policy governing facsimile transmission of documents:
  1. The filing of documents by facsimile equipment is governed by MCR 2.406.
  2. Number of Pages. A maximum number of 10 pages may be sent to the Court at one time.
  3. Hours. Documents received during regular business hours of the Court will be deemed filed on that business day. Documents received after regular business hours and on weekends or designated court holidays will be deemed filed on the next business day.
  4. Cover Sheet. A cover sheet must accompany every transmission. The following information must be included on the cover sheet: case name, case number (not applicable for new filings), document title, name and telephone number of sender.
  5. Paper. All filings must be on 8 ½ by 11 inch paper. This requirement does not apply to attachments and exhibits, but parties are encouraged to reduce or enlarge such documents to 8 ½ inches if practical.
  6. Signature. For purposes of MCR 2.114, a signature includes a signature transmitted by facsimile communication equipment.
  7. Appropriate notice of this rule shall be published in the Ingham County Bar Associations Briefs and shall be posted in the courthouse. Copies are to be made available at the court.
  8. Parties may establish proof of service on attorneys or litigants by providing a copy of the journal which is prepared by facsimile machine or by preparing a Proof of Service.